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Take a look at our pack list and check off whatever you have. While these are items we take, your specific needs will vary. The companies below will get you the items you are missing at the lowest cost possible. Click on the item to comapre prices. We have listed normal retail for the item listed.


A great internal frame pack that is fitted to your body size and shape is critical. Any time you are carrying 25+ pounds on your back you want to make sure it is super comfortable. Prices at REI and similar stores are quite a bit more than ordering online, but it is a good idea to at least go in and find one that is comfortable. The sales assistants can load up the pack with weights and let you walk around the store for a while to make sure it fits right. Our online partners have the best prices if you don't have access to a retail outlet.


A great lightweight tent is worth spending money on. Make sure it is waterproof and you use seam seal. The poles should be lightweight aluminum and bring a repair kit too. The footprint (goes underneath) should be a couple inches smaller than the floor of the tent. You can make one out of 6 mil plastic sheeting or Tyvek. If money is not an issue, buy the footprint designed for your tent.

sleeping bag

For summer camping, get a bag that is 20 or 30 degree. It needs to be able to stuff into a compression bag and be lightweight. Down compresses more and is unbeatable for insulation, but don't get it wet. Not an item to skimp on. Try it out and make sure you can get a good nights sleep!


A self inflating pad can make your trip way more comfy. If you can't sleep you will be grouchy and not have as much fun. These have come a long way in the past 10 years and compress very small and are not that hard to inflate. Some inflate by themselves. Just open the valve and leave it for a while.


Consider how many people are going on your trip and pick only the cookware you need. These kits are lightweight, but take up room. Fill every container with other items you are bringing. A kit of toiletries can fit into the cooking pot for example. Emergency food is a good idea for the times you get stuck at a campground before you get a chance to shop.

The unit pictured here is about the most basic, but can heat up food quickly. Make sure you get one that uses fuel that is available in the country you are visiting. I made the mistake of brining one that was not compatible and had to buy one in Europe. When I brought the European unit back to the U.S. I couldn't find fuel here. I think the manufacturers have standardized them now.
Pretty good water is available in most of Europe, but bottled water is a better bet. These collapsible bags are great since you only fill them with what you need and they don't take much space. They are cheap, but you shouldn't be when buying one. Buying a crappy bottle that leaks on your gear is a dumb idea.


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